About Ben Gordon Center

Ben Gordon Center (BGC) has provided mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment services to the DeKalb County area since 1968. Since that time, we have expanded to provide services at four sites, in addition to the main site on Health Services Drive in DeKalb.

Nearly 40 counselors and therapists, many with licenses and certifications in their areas of specialization, provide a variety of services in a number of clinical specialties for women, children, adolescents, couples, and families. Such comprehensive services mean convenience for the client and cost-effective care for government, corporate, and managed care buyers.

BGC accepts most medical insurance and is an approved provider for numerous managed care companies. As a professional courtesy, we will file health insurance claims for you. For persons needing financial assistance, a sliding fee is made possible by funding from various government sources.

The clinical staff consults with three psychiatrists whose medical services are provided at BGC. Registered psychiatric nurses assist with doctor appointments and administer prescribed medications.

Our confidentiality policy states that all information received, including the fact that an individual is in treatment, is not discussed, shared, or released without the written permission of the client. The only exceptions are those required by law or if a life-threatening situation exists.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide behavioral healthcare services in a timely manner to the people we serve, in order to assist them in creating the highest quality of life possible.


BGC is a member of the Precedence Plus Behavioral Health Network, which includes licensed providers in central and northwest Illinois, and is Accredited with Commendation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.