Kishwaukee Hospital Kicks Off Telethon with Champion Gift

Kishwaukee Community Hospital Has Kicked Off the 2nd Annual Call for Help Telethon with a $50,000 lead gift

Ben Gordon Center Call for Help Telethon Total as of 8:00 p.m. – $64,500

Kishwaukee Community Hospital Fund for Underinsured Care & Services

This donor designated fund will provide mental health services for the underinsured and uninsured in our community who would otherwise go untreated without this support. Thank you to Kishwaukee Community Hospital for its generous donation of $50,000 to this fund for community behavioral health care at the Ben Gordon Center.

What Does the Ben Gordon Center Mean To You??

“Ben Gordon Center means to me a place where I can come and talk if I’m having problems and to make new friends in groups. And they help me in any way they can.”

“Without the services I have received over the years I would not have the job I have now or the lifestyle I enjoy. My children would not have done as well in school. Ben Gordon Center is priceless to me”

“The center means everything to me and if it was not for them I wouldn’t be here”

“They mean alot because they helped me through when I lost my mom and getting through the grieving process. I have become a better person at home and at school. I love Ben Gordon Center because knowing my issue and the pain I’ve been feeling, they helped me through it all. Ben Gordon Center is a place you should go when you need help with problems or losses.”