Award Recipients

Annual DCP/SAFE Assembly

Over 105 individuals were in attendance, October 23rd at the DeKalb County Farm Bureau, for the DeKalb County Partnership for a Substance Abuse Free Environment (DCP/SAFE) 23rd Annual Assembly. Each year the coalition takes this time to reflect on the previous year, recognize community members for their commitment and look ahead to the next fiscal year. This year’s assembly was decorated top to bottom in red as October 23rd was the kick off of Red Ribbon Week. In recognition of the week, DCP/SAFE Youth Action Groups spoke about what their schools are doing to observe the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the nation.

DCP/SAFE also awarded the first ever Excellence Award to Clay Campbell, DeKalb County State’s Attorney. This award is given to community members, business owners, and/or professionals who have demonstrated excellence in their efforts to reduce alcohol and substance abuse among DeKalb County Youth. Mr. Campbell received this award for his tireless efforts to steer youth out of the judicial system and into the social service agencies of DeKalb County to ensure they get the services they need. These services have helped DeKalb County youth live healthier and substance free lifestyles.

After the awards ceremony, guest speaker Karen Dobner, founder of To the Maximus Foundation spoke about the loss of her son, Max. Max Dobner was 19 years old when he died after smoking synthetic marijuana for the first time. Before he died, he called his brother to report he was having panic attacks and rapid heart rate. Soon afterward, he drove into the side of a house at more than 100 mph. To the Maximus Foundation is named in his honor and is dedicated to educating and informing the public about the dangers of synthetic drugs. Karen was followed by Officer Paul Mott from the DeKalb Police Department Gang Unit who spoke more specifically about the synthetic drug market locally and the actions that police have taken to get these drugs off of the streets. Officer Mott also brought with him two samples of synthetic drugs, bath salts and marijuana, to show audience members what they look like.

Overall, this year’s Annual Assembly message was “Future Ahead.” Anna Stevens, DCP/SAFE Project Director explained the need to centralize the focus of DCP/SAFE specifically on alcohol and substance abuse prevention in the youth population and to focus energy on efforts that will affect environmental change. Some pertinent issues the coalition hopes to address over the next year include social hosting, prescription drug abuse/misuse and the potential passage of HB0030 Medical Cannabis Bill in the State of Illinois, Stevens said.

2012 Recipients

  • Terry Ryan: 1360 WLBK
  • Dr. Nancy LaCrusia: We Choose Health
  • Lisa Cummings: CATCH
  • Dan Keeny: DeKalb County Community Wellness Program
  • Youth Engaged in Philanthropy
  • Sycamore YESS Program
  • WEB Program
  • Daily Chronicle
  • DeKalb COunty COmmunity Mental Health Board
  • B 95

2010 Recipients

  • Tracey Busby: Penguin Project
  • David Chuna: DeKalb High School
  • Tom Crouch: Kishwaukee Education Consortium
  • Shirley DeCorte: Woodbury Elementary School
  • Eric Gilbert: DeKalb Salvation Army
  • Ben Mueller: Hinckley-Big Rock High School
  • Jason Nicol: Youth Service Bureau
  • Yaritza Solis: DeKalb High School
  • Kyle White: Neighbor’s House

2009 Recipients

  • Beth Busching: Kishwaukee Hospital
  • Kendra Chaplin: DK Co. Housing Authority
  • Bette Chilton: DK Co. Health Department
  • Bessie Chronopoulos: Genoa-Kingston Middle School
  • Amy Crook: DeKalb Schools
  • Mary Hess: KEYS/Kishwaukee YMCA
  • Brian Koehne: Sycamore Schools
  • Justin Kness: Sycamore Police Department
  • Chad McGehee: Sycamore Schools
  • Esther Puckett: 4-C
  • Carla Raynor: Kishwaukee College
  • John Rey: Family Service Agency
  • Rob Wilkinson: Kishwaukee YMCA

2008 Recipients

  • Tatia Beckwith: Regional Office of Education
  • Natalie Brown: Ben Gordon Center
  • LaMetra Curry-Chatman: SIMBA/SIMSA
  • Tony Chatman: SIMBA/SIMSA
  • Michael Flora: Ben Gordon Center
  • Monique Heilemeir: Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Sylvia Ibarra: Safe Passage
  • Donna Larson: Kishwaukee Education Consortium
  • Katrina Luetkebuenger: Kishwaukee YMCA
  • Gilda Madrid: Kishwaukee College
  • Jill Olson
  • Karen Orser
  • Margo Sutorius
  • Lisa Wilkinson: Sycamore Middle School
  • Dan Wojcik: Sycamore Police Department
  • Emily Zerull: Regional Office of Education

2007 Recipients

  • Cohen Barnes: TBC
  • Jennifer Darnell: Fox Valley YMCA
  • Marta Dunne: Sandwich Hispanic Coalition
  • Zandra Garcia: Ben Gordon Center
  • Daryl Graves: Sycamore High School
  • John Horn: Illinois Cooperative Extension
  • Mark Kerman: Siepert & Co.
  • Linda Linden:  Kishwaukee Hospital
  • Ishmael McGee: National Bank & Trust Company
  • Alan Robinson: Northern Illinois University
  • Roger Scott: Huntley Middle School
  • Sherry Tinerella: Sandwich Library

2006 Recipients

  • Peggy Carey: Prevent Child Abuse Illinois
  • Lindsey Hall: DeKalb High School
  • Kathy Hicks: Ben Gordon Center
  • Paul Johnson: DeKalb County Farm Bureau
  • Jack King: Sociology Department, NIU
  • Aaron Lockhart: Sycamore Police Department
  • Susan MaNamara: SAFEKIDS Illinois
  • Jerry Pelan: Sycamore High School
  • Steve Rodriguez: DeKalb Police Department
  • Janelle Stein: Illinois Cooperative Extension
  • Melanie Wingo: SAFEKIDS Illinois

2005 Recipients

  • Don Billington: Genoa Kingston High School
  • Deanna Cada: Youth Services Bureau
  • Tim Carlson: Sycamore High School
  • Scott Farrell: DeKalb Police Department
  • Thomas Franks: Sycamore School District
  • Jim Grosklags: DeKalb Environmental Commision
  • Marci Jividen: 4-C
  • Gil Morrison: Regional Superintendent of Schools
  • John Rodriquez: DeKalb High School
  • Debra Simandl: Parent, Sycamore
  • Rev Linda Slabon: Universalist Unitarian Church
  • Jeff Smith: Sandwich High School
  • Claire Summers: Hiawatha High School
  • Sycamore Kiwanis Club: Sycamore Service Club
  • Jeff Wig: Sycamore Police Department

2004 Recipients

  • Debbie Benson: Sycamore High School
  • Jonathon Borak: SAFE KIDS
  • Ray Epperson: Sandwich School District
  • Kathy Haggard: SAFE KIDS
  • Sue Halbrader: Community Mental Health Board
  • Gail Jurgel: Sandwich School District
  • Phyllis Johnson: Sandwich hospital
  • Kingston Explorers: SAFE KIDS
  • Arlene Larmon: SAFE KIDS
  • Cindy Lofthouse: DeKalb High School
  • Dick Stipher: Asst. Regional Superintendent
  • Mark Thurwanger: Sycamore High School
  • Rawnee Trudeau: Hiawatha School district
  • Lisa Yaklich: DK County Health Department

2003 Recipients

  • George Beasley: State Farm Insurance
  • Kim Everhart: Cortland Police Department
  • Curt Biarnesen: DeKalb Police Department
  • Jerry Smith: DeKalb County Community Foundation
  • Carolyn McQuillan: Kishwaukee Education Consortium
  • Margi Gilmour: Juvenile and Adult Probation
  • Tony Stahl: Teen Reach Program Coordinator
  • Ken Dawson: Indian Creek High School
  • Larry Stinson: DeKalb High School
  • Bill Feithen: DeKalb Police Department
  • Amy Havasi: NIU’s Health Enhancement Services

2002 Recipients

  • Carl Leoni: DeKalb Police Department
  • Berna Popenhagen: Chief, Kingston Police Department
  • Margi Scarl: DeKalb County Housing Authority
  • Daily Chronicle: County Wide Newspaper
  • Lori Borak: SAFE KIDS Action Group
  • Chuck Breese: Chief, Waterman Police Department
  • Kathy Dombeck: Counselor, Sycamore High
  • Sandy Riffle: Counselor, Genoa-Kingston High
  • Larry Parr: Illinois Dept. of Transportation
  • Ron Matekaitis: DeKalb Country States Attorney
  • Sycamore Mitsubishi: SAFE KIDS AG Donator
  • Sigma Lambda Sigma: NIU Sorority

2001 Recipients

  • Russ Stokes: Cortland Police Chief
  • Ellen Pauling: Juvenile Court Services
  • Cary Singer: Sycamore Police Department
  • Jovan McClellan: DeKalb County Operation Snowball
  • Jim McDougall: DeKalb Police Department.
  • Joanne Dillman: CASA
  • Mike Larmon: Sycamore Police Department
  • Tom Sodaro: Principal, Dummer School
  • Todd Stroyan: Genoa Police Department
  • Kurt Klein: Presiding Judge, 16th Judicial Circuit Court
  • Steve Cook: Sycamore Police Department
  • Sue Willey: City of DeKalb

2000 Recipients

  • Chuck and Kathy Siebrasse: The Midweek
  • Don Gladden: DeKalb Police Department
  • Elaine Cozort: Kishwaukee College
  • Thomas Roberts Foundation: DeKalb County Residents
  • Mike Massey: Glad Tidings Church
  • Tim Johnson: DeKalb County States Attorney
  • Carolyn Freeman: 4-C
  • Tom Scott: Sycamore PD

1999 Recipients

  • Dan Templin: Youth Service Bureau
  • Bob Krogman: Retired Pastor
  • Craig Rattenbury: Ideal Industries
  • Marci Zanelatto: DeKalb County Health Department
  • Nancy West: Kishwaukee College
  • Shirley DeCorte: Woodbury School
  • Steve Kapitian: DeKalb City Alderman
  • Robin Waffle: Youth Service Bureau
  • Sue Guio: City of DeKalb

1998 Recipients

  • Nancy Foellmer: Mayfield Congregational United Church of Christ in Sycamore
  • Sycamore Park District: Sycamore Park District
  • Mason Court Tenants Association: Residents of Mason Court Properties
  • University Villages Association: The University Village Tenants Association
  • The DeKalb Property Managers Association: DeKalb Property Managers Association
  • DeKalb County Community Foundation: DeKalb County
  • John Nakonechny: Wellness and Prevention Coordinator DeKalb District #428
  • Jeff Clapsaddle: Prevention and Wellness Coordinator Sycamore School District #427
  • Jerry Lane: County Mental Health Board

1997 Recipients

  • Stahl Construction: Leaders in Business Alcohol/Drug Prevention
  • Gideon Court Residents Council: Leaders in Tenant Assoc. Prevention Programming
  • Marty Jahnel: Sycamore Park District
  • Ben Gordon Center Foundation: Leaders in Community Alcohol/Drug Prevention
  • Nathan Winston Services: DeKalb Business and Leader in Red Ribbon Week
  • Joanne Rouse: DeKalb County Housing Authority
  • Mary Olson: DeKalb county Community Services
  • North Central Narcotics Task Force: Law Enforcement Agency
  • WLBK/WDEK: DeKalb County Radio
  • WDKB (B-95FM): DeKalb County Radio
  • WSQR Radio/WSPY TV 30:      DeKalb County Radio/TV
  • Teri Elmer: DUI Task Force Coordinator

1996 Recipients

  • Caterpillar Agricultural Products, Inc.: Leaders in Business Alcohol/Drug Prevention
  • Wayne Czyz: Principal, Indian Creek High School
  • Commonwealth Edison: Leaders in Business Alcohol/Drug Prevention
  • Lousia Dean: Human Resources Manager, City of DeKalb
  • DEKALB Genetics Corporation: Leaders in Business Alcohol/Drug Prevention
  • Cindy Dugan: Westminster Presbyterian Church, DeKalb
  • Seanne Holliday: EAP Director, Kishwaukee Hospital
  • IDEAL Industries: Leaders in Business Alcohol/Drug Prevention
  • Frank Nowik: Community Leader, Retired NIU
  • Lynda O’Brien: Sexual Assault/Abuse Services Coordinator
  • Jenine Povlsen: Judicial Officer, NIU
  • Shelley Rhoads: Early Childhood Coordinator, Sycamore Schools
  • Bob Stechschulte: Human Resources Manager, IDEAL Industries
  • Sycamore News: Newspaper, Sycamore
  • Lonzell Wilson: DUI Task Force Coordinator

1995 Recipients

  • City of DeKalb: Leaders in Community Prevention
  • City of Genoa: Leaders in Community Prevention
  • Village of Malta: Leaders in Community Prevention
  • DeKalb County D.A.R.E. Programs: Drug Awareness Resistance Education
  • DeKalb Police Department
  • DeKalb County Sheriff
  • Genoa Police Department
  • Hinckley Police Department
  • Kirkland Police Department
  • Sandwich Police Department
  • Sycamore Police Department
  • DeKalb Park District: Leaders in Recreation/Prevention
  • Bob Hammon: Sycamore Superintendent of Schools
  • Kishwaukee Family YMCA: Leaders in Recreation/Prevention
  • Roger Hopkins: DeKalb County Economic Development

1994 Recipients

  • Daily Chronicle: DeKalb County Newspaper
  • Jim Graves: Ben Gordon Center
  • Bernie Looney: DeKalb Schools
  • Chris McArthur: Glad Tidings Church
  • Kirk Reed: Sycamore United Methodist Church
  • Tom Weber: DeKalb County Regional Superintendent
  • Jeff Welcker: Sycamore Schools

1993 Recipients

  • Brad Burzynski: State Senator
  • Michael Coghlan: State’s Attorney
  • DeKalb County Board: DeKalb County
  • Jim Forster: DeKalb Citizen
  • Greg Olson: DeKalb Genetics Corporation
  • Kris Povlsen: Ben Gordon Center
  • Alan Skouby: DeKalb Genetics Corporation
  • Larry Wicks: Barber Greene

1992 Recipients

  • Doug Dashner: DeKalb County Farm Bureau
  • DeKalb County Farm Bureau: DeKalb County
  • Mary Kay Heinisch: DeKalb Citizen
  • Marty Jurkowski: Genoa/Kingston Schools
  • Dorothy Pellerito: DeKalb Plaza Mother’s Club
  • Chuck & Kathy Siebrasse: Midweek