Youth Service Providers & Faith-Based

Youth Service Providers

Mission Statement

  • To promote, encourage, and foster the development of comprehensive integrated services and resources to DeKalb County youth and their families.
  • To advocate for issues and programs that affect DeKalb County youth and their families.
  • To provide support and encourage comprehensive service planning and resource exploration for youth and their families.


  • Chairperson: Courtney Denison- Family Service Agency Big Brothers Big Sisters of DeKalb County
  • Vice-Chairperson: Peggy Carey- DeKalb County Juvenile Court Services
  • Secretary: Youth Service Bureau Staff



To reduce alcohol and other drug related problems and enhance the quality of life in DeKalb County by involving religious and spiritual leaders and congregations county wide.

  • Members: Clergy and laypersons with religious affiliation.
  • Chair: Rev. Michael Massey