Getting Treatment for your Teen or Child

When a child or adolescent has a mental illness it is important that you access treatment. It is recommended that you make an appointment with a child/adolescent mental health practitioner for a diagnostic evaluation. The practitioner can assist you in formulating a treatment plan as well as advise and direct you to other appropriate mental health professionals if necessary.

Who Can Treat A Child Or Adolescent?

  • At the Ben Gordon Center we have a variety of trained, caring professionals that can help your child. You can consult with a Counselor, a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Worker, or Advanced Practice Nurse (APN).
  • All of our staff are experts in behavioral healthcare and are licensed and qualified to treat and diagnosis mental illnesses in children and adolescents.

What To Expect Once An Appointment Has Been Made?

  • The counselor will take a full history of your child and the problem. They will speak with both you and your child alone.
  • When speaking with the practitioner you should be as specific as possible with regard to a description of the symptoms.
  • You and your child may be asked to fill out self-report inventories
  • The clinician may request school records or request to speak with your child’s teacher.

What Types Of Treatment Are Available?

At the Ben Gordon Center we offer a full range of treatment options, including individual and group counseling, family counseling , psychiatric evaluation and treatment, psychological testing, in school services, home based services, parenting classes and case management services.

What Should You Know About Your Child Or Adolescent Treatment?

  • You will get a full explanation of the recommended treatment, what it entails, and how it will proceed. You should also be informed as to treatment goals, short and long-term, and how long the treatment is expected to be in place.
  • You should expect to be an integral component of the treatment process. You are one of the most important elements in the treatment process be it through medication monitoring or implementing behavioral strategies.
  • You may also consider seeking individual or group counseling to assist you in dealing with the difficulties of having a child with a psychiatric illness.