Trauma-Related Stress – Warning Signs

Individuals who have experienced a traumatic event oftentimes suffer stress related to the incident. In most instances, these are normal reactions to abnormal situations.

  • Recurring thoughts or nightmares about the event.
  • Having trouble sleeping or changes in appetite.
  • Experiencing anxiety and fear, especially when exposed to events or situations reminiscent of the trauma.
  • Being on edge, being easily startled or becoming overly alert.
  • Feeling depressed, sad and having low energy.
  • Experiencing memory problems including difficulty in remembering aspects of the trauma.
  • Feeling “scattered” and unable to focus on work or daily activities. Having difficulty making decisions.
  • Feeling irritable, easily agitated, or angry and resentful.
  • Feeling emotionally “numb”, withdrawn, disconnected or different from others.
  • Spontaneously crying, feeling a sense of despair and hopelessness.
  • Feeling extremely protective of, or fearful for, the safety of loved ones.
  • Not being able to face certain aspects of the trauma, and avoiding activities, places, or even people that remind you of the event.

If you feel after more than a month that you continue to experience symptoms, you should consider seeking outside support.

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