Action Groups



To encourage the community to build developmental assets with our youth through education, practice and promotion.


The DeKalb County KEYS Initiative seeks to create communities that empower youth to succeed in establishing the 40 Developmental Assets, build strong relationships between youth and adults, create an environment for individual responsibility, provide abundant tools and resources, and inspire the community to nurture the growth of youth in DeKalb County.


Business leaders, schools, religious organizations, law enforcement, community agencies and citizens interested in enhancing the quality of life and building assets for DeKalb County youth.

Youth Action Group

DCP/SAFE (The DeKalb County Partnership for a Safe, Active and Family Environment) is a countywide coalition that promotes wellness and healthy lifestyles for youth and adults. Students at Kishwaukee Education Consortium, DeKalb, Genoa-Kingston, Hiawatha, Hinckley-Big Rock, Indian Creek, Sandwich and Sycamore high schools meet monthly to plan prevention activities in each of their high schools and communities. These activities include Red Ribbon Week, Seat Belt Safety Awareness, Great American Smokeout, Violence Prevention, as well as, Prom and Graduation Safety. Students are also very active with the grade and middle school students. They plan and chaperone a countywide event at the YMCA each year for middle school students as well as go to the grade schools to talk to the students about staying alcohol and drug free.


To engage and utilize educational and recreational personnel to reduce alcohol and other health related problems of DeKalb County youth; provide for the youth opportunities to develop and lead drug free lifestyles.


School administrators, Teachers, Counselors, Recreation facility employees, Parents, Youth leaders, and Students

Substance Abuse Advisory Committee

The Substance Abuse Advisory Committee is currently being established as an action group of DCP/SAFE. The Substance Abuse Advisory Committee will be working with high school drug and alcohol policies, collaborating with DeKalb County Sherrif’s Office to identify high drug trafficking areas and providing information to those residence, providing students and parents with education materials regarding biological affects of marijuana and offering collaboration and support with multiple community organizations as needed.

Currently, this committee meets the last Friday of each month.