Latino Action Group


  1. To enhance the quality of life within the Latino Community,
  2. To increase inter-collaboration between the Latino Community and the broader DCP/SAFE Coalition
  3. To increase awareness of dangers related to substance use,
  4. To decrease substance abuse among youth and the Latino community, and
  5. To enhance community health.


Community agencies and citizens interested in enhancing the quality of life for the Latino community.

Chair: Emily Dienst


  • DCP/SAFE Community Assessment
  • SWOT Analysis Handout
  • SWOT Analysis Notes – 1.10.11
  • Zumba at Conexion Comunidad
  • Spanish for Parents
    • Spanish online service of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign and offers resources, information and facts for parents.
  • DeKalb County Resource Guide
    • The newest edition of the DeKalb County Resource Guide was compiled by joint efforts on behalf of the DeKalb County Hispanic Health Committee, University of Illinois Extension, Community Outreach Core of Project EXPORT University of Illinois at Rockford, Ben Gordon Center and State Representative Robert W. Pritchard’s Office.